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Where is Perseus?


What is Perseus?

Perseus is a web portal built for CIMENT users and administrators. It's goal is to provide an entry point to all users of CIMENT facilities. It offers the following main features:

Account creation and status
Users can create themselves an account to access to CIMENT and check the status of their permissions
Projects management
To access to an HPC host, users must either join to an existing project, or create and manage a "project".
Projects reviewing
Projects managers interact with Ciment reviewers to set up a project, and yearly check the validity, so that the HPC activity is well known by everyone involved
Users can easily access to accounting informations about their activity, such as the computing power used (cpu hours) by themselves or by their projects
Mailing lists management
Quick activating/deactivating of HPC related mailing lists

How to obtain a Perseus (CIMENT) account?

Go to and follow the link New account at the top right corner of the page. Then, provide the informations requested. In case of a doubt on a field, don't hesitate to send a mail to

Note.png Note

Note that if your email address domain is not yet known by PERSEUS, you may have the following error "Only institutional email addresses are accepted". In this case send an email to by specifying the problematical email address.

I have a perseus account, but it is still in the Pending status

Have you joined an active project? Your account can only become active once you are member of at least one project which is in the Active status. If this is the case, maybe you just have to wait a bit more (especially during holidays) as the activation process is currently a manual process for security reasons. If you think that there is a problem, you can ask for support by writing to

What is the project workflow?

Projects are created by permanent members of the laboratories that have signed the Ciment charter. Once a project is created, it is the responsibility of the project manager to add, accept or not new members into the project.

Joining an existing project

If you're a team member, there may already be a project for your research subject. Ask to the person in charge of your team. If it is the case, you can go into your Perseus page, choose the My projects link and then Request to join a project. Then, choose the project into the list and click Join. The manager of the project will then be notified of your request and will add you to his project if he agrees. You'll be notified by e-mail once your subscription is validated.

Asking for a new project creation (only permanent staff)

This is an important step of the process. You (or the person in charge of your HPC project) have to give minimum informations about what you are planning to do with the HPC hosts that Ciment maintains. There's no allocation of computing hours and no call for proposal, but all the projects are checked by the Ciment team once a year. Projects are also important for the resources sharing, as there's a fairshare configuration on the main (froggy) platform.

If your project aims to use a particular platform that you know about (for example r2d2, foehn, ...), please, specify it in the "technical description" field.

The workflow is as follow:

  • Create a project by clicking the link Ask for a new project creation under the My projects section
  • You'll be the manager of this project. If it is not the case, please ask to your manager to create a Perseus account, and to create the project himself, even if he's not pretenting to use the computing hosts.
  • Please, be as precise as possible into the form that you're going to fill
  • Once submited, the leaders of your Ciment pole are notified and they will review your project as soon as possible
  • You can check your project into the My projects section of Perseus.
  • You, and the reviewers can attach some comments or modify some fields. Your are notified each time a comment is attached to your project.
  • Once the reviewers are ok with your application, your project will pass from the Pending status to Active and you'll be notified by e-mail
  • At each step of the process, you can add new users to this project (you don't have to wait for the project to be Active)

My web browser complains about security (invalid certificate or so)

Ciment has it's own certificate authority, not officially registered to the top registrars. So, you have to install this certificate authority into your browser:

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