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Latest news

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Now, CIMENT news are held on the CRICAD's site


NIX packages system for development libraries into CIMENT, presented at BUX (Vilnius/Lituania): CIMENT is currently in the process of deploying NIX on the HPC platforms. The current work has been presented at the 2016 Bull users group meeting. Here are the slides: "My OS is old, but I don't care: I'm using NIX"

2015-11-12 - 14:00-15:30

CIMENT presentation at MJK (Maison Jean Kuntzmann, 110 Rue de la Chimie, 38400 Saint-Martin-d'Hères)

Introduction to "What is CIMENT?"


CIMENT poster presented at "Journées SUCCES 2015": Media:poster_succes_15.pdf


CIMENT and CIGRI presented at iRODS user group meeting 2015!

iRODS is a wonderful object distributed storage system that is an essential component of the CIMENT infrastructure.

Here is the slideshow presented at this meeting that took place in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, USA: Media:2015-06-11-Irods_user_group_meeting.pdf


Presents of the CIMENT users afternoon 2015 are online!

Check here: Demi-journée_des_utilisateurs_2015

2015-05-13 - CIMENT users afternoon

Next CIMENT users meeting , May 13th, 2015, 14:00 - 17:00

Free entrance

At "Maison Jean Kuntzmann, Domaine universitaire, Saint Martin d'Hères". Program: Media:Programme_13_mai_2015.pdf


CiGri and Whisper at the Irods User Group Meeting 2014!

An interesting use case involving our CiGri and Irods facilities for the Whisper project was presented at the irods-user-group-meeting-2014 (Harvard):

All presents of this meeting:

Paper, updated in 2015:


"Journée des utilisateurs (actuels et futurs) CIMENT" - Programme et fichiers des présentations


Prix GENCI mesochallenges 2013: [F. Gillet Chaulet et Y.M. Niquet récompensés pour leur travail sur Froggy au cours de la journée mesochallenge 2013]


Comité de Pilotage de CIRA et Inauguration de la nouvelle plateforme de calcul Froggy : Présentations en ligne.

2013-07-05 Froggy dans la presse!

Suite à l'inauguration de Froggy, où environ 80 personnes étaient présentes au Département de Chimie Moléculaire de Grenoble, et ont pu voir la Grenouille "en vrai", quelques articles sont parus dans la presse:

2013-06-27 Froggy à la TV!

Reportage sur Froggy, diffusé le 26/06/2013 au JT régional sur France3:

Communiqué de Presse UJF

2013-04-16 Ciment users day

During this afternoon, news about Ciment have been presented, especially the arrival of Froggy, our new supercomputer that will be available soon. Here are the slides: CIMENT users day 2013

2013-01-19 New 46Tflop/s parallel computer for the CIMENT community

Ciment is proud to announce that the brand new communitary HPC platform (funded by the equip@meso project, the Rhône-Alpes region and the OSUG@2020 labex) is coming soon. It will be a Bull supercomputer with a next generation cooling system called DLC (Direct Liquid Cooling). It is composed of 2176 Xeon (Intel Sandy-Bridge) cores with up to 128GB RAM by node (8GB/core), a very efficient low latency computing network (non-blocking Infiniband FDR) and a 3GB/s shared scratch filesystem (Lustre). It will also provide a remote 3D visualization node and a quad-cpu node with 512Gb of RAM. Some nodes with accelerators (Xeon Phi and/or Nvidia GPU) will be added in a latter time (during 2013)

Click here for more information...

Ciment is proud to present its new logo!

Logo ng.jpg

Thanx to Fanny Bastien!!

2012-11-13 Film CIMENT/MAIMOSINE

caption (252 MB)

A big thank to Fanny Bastien!

2012-06-07 CIMENT into the "rapport d'activités de GENCI"


2012-01-01 Equip@meso project

CIMENT is currently buying a new supercomputer as a laureat of the Equip@meso project

2012-04-03 Ciment users day

April, the 3rd at MJK!

SLIDES online

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