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 +{{ :​logo_cigri_quadri_fdnoir_transp_comp.png?​400| }}
 +====== The CiGri middleware ======
 +CiGri is a lightweight grid middle-ware designed to run on top of a set of [[http://​|OAR]] clusters to manage efficiently large sets of multi-parametric tasks (also called bag-of-tasks). ​
 +With a powerful events handling, it manages automatic re-submission that is useful for best-effort jobs. With OAR and CIGRI, it is easy to reach 100% of usage efficiency on an heterogeneous grid in a local HPC center.
 +CiGri v3 is written in Ruby by [[https://​|CIMENT]],​ the [[http://​​|MESCAL]] team (from the [[http://​|LIG]] laboratory) and [[http://​|INRIA]]. It is released as a free software under the [[http://​​copyleft/​gpl.html|GPL]].
 +You can learn more about CiGri from the [[CiGri history]] page.
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